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Smell the Glove (Snowboard-DVD)
Soldiers of the Frozen Battlfiel Productions präsentieren eine 16mm Snowboard Rockumentary. Dieses Video verspricht euch mit mehr erstklassigem Snowboarden zu überfluten als euch lieb ist.Die Produzenten über ihr Werk: 'Well this year we have gone rock, partying harder than ever, drinking 'til we puke and a little bit of snowboarding, Traveling all over the world, private jets, groupies everywhere we go, from the TAC in Norway to Lake Louise Canada for the Super Park. Sketchy D aka Deinse B sightings all over the U.S from rails to the backcountry. Pat Moore filming more movies than Ben Stiller this year found a lot of time with Smell The Glove. Dave Shift more excited than usual, working on his intro will be no problem this year. He doesn't have to act at all, so be ready for the Dave Shift intro, could be the best one to date. Danny Kass - didn't see him at to many contests this year - did he fall off the face of the earth, or maybe he's just been working on his vocals all year. So come on, join in the craze and watch out for 'Smell The Glove' and these dudes.'Fahrer: Danny Kass, Sketchy D, Pat Moore, Kyle Clancy, Colin Langloise, Shane Flood, Hana Beeman, Doran Laybourn, Gabe Taylor, Brian Regis, Mark Reilly, Lane Knaack, Eddie Wahl, Andreus Wiig und andereLocations: Boston, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Californen, Washington, Kanada, Österreich, Norwegen, Neuseeland und Finnland
Preis: 9.90 EUR
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